Dino and Clara working in Jersey 1960.

A family restaurant with a passion for traditional Italian food

Many people believe the history of the restaurant began in 1977 when the Borrello family opened their restaurant in Dover England. But the origins of the restaurant can be traced back to  1960, when Dino and Clara Borrello came to the United Kngdom from Italy.  They both grew up in Malvito,a small village in the Calabria region of southern Italy.

In 1957 just after Dino finished his Military service they were married and set off with on their journey with a dream of someday bringing their passion for Italian cooking to the United Kingdom and this is how it all began.

After spending a little time working in Milan the young couple moved to San Remo on the Costa Azzuro, Liquria where they worked in various Italian restaurants gaining valuble experience in Italian regional cuisine for which they had a passion. In 1960 Dino and Clara moved to Jersey in the Channel Island with their two little children Angelo and Maria Paola. After spending almost two years working at a large hotel in Jersey Dino thought it was time to move on and so the whole family moved to London in 1962. Again Dino and Clara worked very hard in an Italian restaurant based in the Soho area, They enjoyed their time there immensely as they felt like they were back home with so many Italians working with them and sharing Italian traditions.

Dino and Clara were very happy living and working in London but sadly felt that it was not the right place to bring up their family. They wanted somewhere more family friendly so in 1963 the family moved down to Folkestone in Kent. There Clara worked at an Italian restaurant called “Corrado’s” and Dino worked in Canterbury at an Italian restaurant called “La Romantica”. The whole family were very happy living in Folkestone and as time went by in 1966, Dino,Clara and a business partner opened a restaurant called “Dino’s Continental Restaurant in Tontine Street. The restaurant was incredibly successful gaining a very good reputation and a large popular local following which really pleased Dino and Clara as it gave them a chance to share their passion for Italian food.

In 1976 an opportunity arose for Dino and Clara to buy their own premisise in Dover which seemed a very good opportunity for both them and the family. This is what Dino and Clara had always dreamed of and specially with Dover being just 7 miles from Folkestone they knew that non of the local following would be let down.
On 5th May 1977 Dino’s Restaurant, Dover opened it’s doors and their dream was fulfilled.

Today the restaurant is run by their son Angelo along with other family members and superb staff members who all share the passion of maintaining the legacy which Dino & Mamma Clara  started all those years ago.

Young romance in the air for Dino and Clara in Milan 1957.